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DreamFect featuring Tee-Technology

DF-40000 - Dreamfect Transfection Reagent with Tee Technology


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Dreamfect Transfection Reagent

DreamFect is a powerful new transfection reagent based on Tee-Technology (Triggered Endosomal Escape). Tee-Technology combines the properties of cationic lipids and cationic polymers to achieve extremely efficient DNA delivery into cells. DreamFect is a new generation of lipopolyamines; it contains a lipophilic part, like lipids, and a charged polyamine moiety, like cationic polymers. The association by electrostatic interactions of nucleic acids with DreamFect™ reagent results in a tight compaction and protection of the DNA. Then, these positively charged complexes bind to the cell surface and are taken up by endocytosis. Inside the endosomes, the hydrophobic property of lipids acts in synergy with the endosomes buffering capacity of the polycationic residues. It allows a very efficient destabilization of the endosomal membrane, release of large DNA amounts in the cytosol and DNA nuclear uptake.

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Highly Efficient

The complexes formed by DNA and DreamFect™ reagent have an exceptional capacity in destabilizing the cell membrane, allowing the delivery of large amounts of DNA into the cytosol. Transfection is very efficient, and highly reproducible, even with very low amounts of nucleic acids, so DreamFect™ is the ideal reagent for a broad range of cell types and for high throughput screening.


Universal & Multipurpose

DreamFect™ is adapted to the delivery of plasmid-DNA, mRNA, siRNA or oligonucleotides and has been successfully tested on various cell lines and primary cells.

DreamFect™ can be used for all applications: stable and transitory transfection, Co-transfection, high throughput screening...

DreamFect™ is compatible with and without serum-containing culture media.

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Ordering information500μl of Dreamfect is sufficient for 125 transfections with 1μg of DNA.

Note: Deamfect can be combined with CombiMag for successful application to very difficult to transfect cells such as certain primary cells.