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Plasmid Purification

17093 - DNA-spin Plasmid Miniprep Kit (250 preps)


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DNA-spin Plasmid Miniprep Kit provides a fast, efficient means of preparing high purity plasmid DNA. Our DNA-spin columns with specially treated silica membrane make it easy to harvest high quality DNA for all downstream applications. The resulting plasmid DNA is free of protein, chromosomal DNA, and contaminating RNA

  • 30 minute procedure
  • Spin column method with silica membrane
  • DNA binding capacity = 15-18ug
  • High purity combined with high yield
  • No contamination with RNA, protein, or genomic DNA
  • 85%-95% recovery

Downstream Applications:

  • sequencing
  • cloning
  • enzyme digestion
  • transfection

Packaging: 250 preps per kit, includes 250 special DNA-spin columns and 250 collection tubes plus all reagents and buffers