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Plasmid Purification

17251 - DNA-midi Plasmid DNA Purification Kit



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The DNA-midi Kit features our unique midi-bead solution (patent pending). 500µl of midi-bead solution can bind up to 150µg DNA from 10-100ml of E. coli culture. After E. coli lysis, DNA is bound to the midi-beads and then washed and eluted using our special spin columns. You get simple, straightforward isolation of high purity plasmid DNA in less than 1 hour!


  •  midi scale: 10ml-100ml E. coli culture
  • up to 150µg DNA per prep
  • OD 260/280 = 1.7-2.0
  • works with both endA+ and endA- E. coli strains
  • Total Prep Time < 1 Hour


  • sequencing
  • cloning
  • enzyme digestion
  • ransfection
  • in vitro transcription/translation

PACKAGING: 50 preps per kit

NOTE: A Maxi protocol is included for extracting up to 600ug of DNA