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B. megaterium Protein Expression

PROTOPLASTS - Bacillus megaterium protoplasts


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Bacillus megaterium Protoplasts - ready for transformation

Material is sufficient for 4 transformations plus control experiment.
B. megaterium cannot be naturally transformed, and it is rather difficult to prepare transformation ready protoplasts. MoBiTec conveniently provides protoplasts of B. megaterium, which are ready for transformation. MoBiTec produces the protoplasts every second month. They can be used at least 2 months after date of arrival and have to be stored at -80°C. The protoplast suspension is supplied in 5 aliquots of 0.5 ml each to prevent multiple freezing and thawing of protoplasts that are not used immediately. One aliquot is provided per transformation (4 experiments + 1 control)

NOTE: Two strains of ready to use protoplasts are available, WH320 and MS941. For standard vectors use WH320. For secretion vectors we offer protoplasts of strain MS941. MS941 has a defined deletion in the gene of the major extracellular protease NprM.

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