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B. subtilis Protein Expression

HOST STRAINS - B. subtilis Host Strains


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Bacillus subtilis host strains

The following Bacillus subtilis strains suitable as hosts for gene expression are available:

For intracellular expression:
1012 wild type: leuA8 metB5 trpC2 hsdRM1 (commonly used)
168 Marburg: trpC2 (Trp - )

For secretion vectors:
WB800N: nprE aprE epr bpr mpr :: ble nprB :: bsr .vpr wprA :: hyg cm :: neo; NeoR (Please note that WB800N carries resistance to neomycin)

Please note, a license is required for any non-academic customer.  Please contact us at info@bocascientific.com for more information.

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