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3D Transfection

TF20000 - 3D-Fect for 3D Scaffolds


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3D-Fect for 3D Scaffolds

3D-Fect™ is the newest reagent specifically developed to directly transfect cells cultured in 3D scaffolds. 3D-Fect™ is suitable for all kind of scaffolds and cells. This reagent is based on a novel technology that allows adding a third dimension to cell culture.

Other transfection reagents only transfect cells at the surface of 3D structures; only 3D-Fect™ and 3D-FectIN™ promote transfection throughout the 3D cell culture.

3D matrices not only add a third dimension to the cell environment, they also allow creation of significant differences in cellular characteristics and behavior. Because 3D matrices are routinely used in basic research and therapeutic applications, we have developed 3D-Fect™ transfection reagent specific for scaffolds. In this way, scaffold-based 3D matrices combined with 3D-Fect™ / DNA complexes, are colonized by cells to be transfected in a more natural environment. This method allows the study of tissue engineering, tissue regeneration, tumor invasion, neural differentiation, cellular polarization, tissue formation, colonization, neurite growth, etc.

  • Specific for 3D scaffolds
  • Highly efficient on both cell lines and primary cells
  • Efficient with all type of nucleic acids: plasmid DNA, siRNA, shRNA etc
  • Completely biodegradable
  • Serum compatible
  • Long term protein expression

3D-Fect™ User Manual
3D-Fect™ transfection reagent - Results

Transfection of various cells on different scaffolds:


Efficient with various various scaffolds and matrices:

NameType of Scaffold
CollagenCollagen-based scaffolds
Collagen-derivedCollagen-derived scaffolds
HAHyaluronic acid
Millicel (PTFE)Cell culture inserts (Millipore)
PEGPolyethylene glycol
PLGAPolylactic-co-glygolic acid